DSM – Denmark Street Management – Actors for film, theatre and television

Only applications made THROUGH OUR WEBSITE will be considered. Please read the following carefully and then click the button at the bottom of the page to apply.

• be a member of Spotlight
• have a showreel we can view OR be in a production we can come to see
• have undergone a minimum of one year’s full time drama training at HE level OR have at least three professional credits in TV, Film (not student) or Theatre

If you do not meet the criteria above, your application will be automatically rejected.

As part of your application, please tell us:
• why you want to join a co-operative agency
• what experience/skills you can bring to the business side of DSM
• what your current casting type is

Belonging to a co-operative agency is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the industry from the other side, whilst also being in the supportive environment of other actors. However, it is not for everyone, so only apply if you think you have the relevant office skills and can commit to coming into the office one day a week and attend monthly meetings. It is strongly recommended that potential applicants read the detailed FAQs on the CPMA website as this gives an in-depth look at how co-ops work.

If you are graduating would you please include details of all your upcoming shows (including details of your role(s) in each production) and your graduation date.
New applicants are discussed at our monthly meetings, the first Wednesday of each month. Decisions to invite people in are only made at these meetings, so please note that if you just miss one it may be up to two months before our clients can meet you.

If you are still interested, please click below to apply online via our website.

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